I’ve been out of commission.

July  was an interesting month for me.  Early in the month my Hunny told me one morning I should see my doctor because I was talking funny.   I felt a little rough after several days of poor sleep and long hot days of janitorial work at the VA hospital, in the stairwells but,  I didn’t think I was seriously ill.

So I went to work which, luckily was the Va hospital.  I had a meeting with my supervisor that morning.  During the meeting I realized that it was rare for Ruth to suggest I see my doctor.  So afterwards I told my supervisor that I was going downstairs to see my PCP.  Not long afterwards I was in an ambulance headed to the ER at BHS.

I spent the next five days at BHS and the rest of July in the Community Living Center [CLC] at the Va hospital getting rehabilitation.  It seems that I have suffered stroke number 3.

I have been very blessed and the recovery is going well.  I sound a bit funny when I talk but that gets better every day.  I am not as stable on my feet as I want to be, but that will improve with time I am sure.

I can still walk and talk.  That is better than my buddy Clyde Kenyon fared.

I am left only to thank the Lord for every breath I breath and the time I can spend with my wife.

We moved to a new location in Butler at the end of August so all the stuff I was working on is once again the victim of a Tom Lehnerd box method.  It might be a while before I am scanning photos again.

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