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Who We Are & Why This Blog Exists


My name is Thomas Lehnerd.  My wife Ruth and I have been through an ordeal that began nearly six years ago and may never be over.  Our family as we know it will most probably never be unified again.

Our children who are all grown, rebelled against us (mostly me).  They stopped communicating with us in 2010.  We had contact with our middle daughter twice in 2011 and the youngest twice in 2011.

That was the last we heard from them until, in 2013, I was arrested at our home in New Mexico and extradited to Pennsylvania.  I was charged with hundreds of counts of child molestation against two of my three daughters who were then 22 and 24.  Many of the charges had 10 year minimum sentencing rules.  I was facing more than 600 years in prison.

I was held in the Butler County Jail on a million dollar bond while I awaited a trial that seemed like it would never happen.  At first I was assigned a public Defender.  I told her at our first meeting that I was innocent and wanted to go to trial, directly to trial, do not pass go etc…  I demanded my right to a speedy trial.  Through a number of stalling tactics she denied me that right for a year.  In the mean time I remained incarcerated.

My wife Ruth, relocated back to Butler from New Mexico to be close to me and provide support. That was good because everyone else became invisible.

After a year I was able to rid myself of the public defender only, to end up with an assigned attorney that refused to communicate with me, and also continued to delay my trial, for yet another year.

After nearly two and a half years in lockup,  much of it spent in the hole,  The prosecution offered to accept a plea of no contest to two misdemeanor counts of indecent assault (3126 (a)(1)) in return for time served.

I knew I couldn’t get my good name back.   It was gone as soon as the accusations started flying.  Even you are judging me as you read this.

I knew I couldn’t get back the 796 days I had served in jail, being treated as the lowest scum on the planet.  I knew I wanted to hold my wife of thirty years and comfort her and be comforted by her.

I took the plea which resulted in my immediate release from Jail on April 8, 2015.   I was required to register on Megan’s law.

But this is not why I am writing this blog.  It is just the background.  In 2009 when I had a good relationship with my children and my Uncle Bill was dying of cancer, I created  I still believe the precepts I stated on the opening page.  There is nothing on this earth more important than family.

Uncle Bill died May, 27 2009.  He left me with his estate to handle, and, about 6 generations of Lehnerd Stuff.  This is why I am here.

I am free from jail.  Ruth and I are happy to be reunited.  Even though while I was in Jail I lost all of my real estate to taxes, and with it went a good deal of the Lehnerd heritage,  I still ended up with a Lot of stuff I don’t have the resources to carry back home to New Mexico.

Ruth and I are trying to pull together enough money to move back to our chosen retirement home in the dessert of New Mexico. ( See )  I don’t want my family’s history to die because I have no place for it, and my children whom I would have passed it to have no place for me.

I love my children and figure someday they may have an interest in our past and it will all be in the bottom of a landfill somewhere.

So this is my plan.  I plan to scan and photograph as much of the Lehnerd history as I can, then, I am going to throw it away.  Unless of course someone comes forward and says they want it.

I’ll post as often as I can In no particular order just how things came out of the box.  I will not be saving the audio tapes and wire recordings.

I am sure by now you have Googled me and found a bunch of negative press.  Check out my court docket for some more gore.

Now I will have the last word about the case of the monster molester father.  Ruth and I both love our children more than anything else in the world. We never did anything to intentionally harm our children and did our best to be good parents.  I may have even gone to the edge of dictatorship in the hope of keeping them safe.  Well they have done what they have done and we have suffered for it and will continue to suffer for it. But we are moving forward.  Ruth and I and God know the truth and, that is enough for us.


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