The Arts in Butler were a very important to Mr. Lehnerd and through him became very important to the extended Lehnerd family. Uncle Bill was one of the founding fathers of The Musical Theatre Guild.  He was the president of the Butler Symphony. He was involved with the Butler Little Theater as an actor, producer, director, lighting guy (Iím sure thereís an appropriate term for that that escapes me.) 

So I thought it was appropriate that I provide some links to some of these wonderful organizations web sites. -> The butler Musical Theatre Has been providing an outlet for local thespians interested in musical Theatre since 1962. As one of the founding fathers and a lifetime member Uncle Bill had an impact on many lives. Although there are programs dating back to 1921, the Butler Little Theatre  received its official charter in June 1941 with performances at The Lees Restaurant (tickets were 50 cents!), the Butler High School, and the Sterling Club. In 1945 the group purchased the carriage house known as Campbell's Barn, occupied by the John Eisler Inspection  Station. The members themselves remodeled the building at One Howard Street to make it suitable for theatrical performances and have continued to add improvements over the years. The theater seats  155 people and presents five shows during its regular season, holds classes for children, and is one of the oldest continuously-running community theaters in Western Pennsylvania. The Butler County Symphony Association provides a quality orchestra within a community framework, generating pride among Butler County residents while enriching their cultural lives.

The six concerts per season showcase music chosen from all periods with seasonal favorites at the holiday concert. Each concert features a vocal or instrumental solo performance.

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